About Us

CoastalCOMS is an Australian provider of hosted, managed services delivering a total solution for specialized video content analytics and environmental monitoring via public and private cloud architectures. Since 2009, we deliver sensors correlated to video via Milestone’s XProtect functionality and our global Partner Network to a growing list of government and private customers in Australia and the USA. For single site single cameras, all the way up to large geographically distributed, complex internetworked surveillance challenges – we provide virtualized video analytics software solutions.

Our Team

  • Chris Lane – Founder General Manager / Research & Development
  • Nigel Sim – Sr. Application Developer – AUS
  • Andrew Short PhD – Senior Coastal Scientist, AUS
  • Robert Cleave – Senior Camera Technician QLD & Milestone Software Support
  • Troy Pitman – Senior Camera Technician NSW
  • Naomi Edwards – Business Development Manager, AUS
  • Peter Reeve – Sales Business Development, AUS
  • Kellie Francis – Accounting
  • Elizabeth Volep – Research Assistant / Sr. Data Analyst, AUS/US
  • Tim Chandler – Advisor, ClickVMS International