Data Integration

We provide a framework for sourcing information and matching it to video, image processing or video content analytic outputs, external linked sensors (in-situ), or correlated data feeds from weather or other information service providers.

External Sensor Integration

Water Pressure Sensors, Flow Rate Sensors, Water Stick Imagery, and other types of data input devices can be seamlessly integrated via our data ingestors. We provide full web based toolsets for setting up locations, sensors, and feeds.

Scheduled Feed Ingestion

Weather feeds, model outputs, or other data that changes your response workflow can be integrated via our Digital Asset Management framework. We provide widget based HTML display and web reporting in our asset manager, coupled to video and imagery.

Managed Cloud Servers!

We’ve done the heavy lifting and can deploy our digital asset management along side your CCOMS virtual surveillance instances to keep costs low. If and when the time comes, we can ‘off-cloud’ your data and provide a mechanism for analysis on premise at your organization.

Developers: We offer a framework for launching your video analysis algorithms. Drop us a line!