Research and Publications

CoastalCOMS is a committed contributor to K-12 and Higher Education, sponsoring students and public outreach organizations around the World.  We provide raw information, video, and images from our coverage areas to support students. These resources are available via online tools and workshops during their early school years through to the provision of data and technology systems during their postgraduate research.
Our research team works in collaboration with a number of different Universities and provides direct sponsorship of University students focused on coastal management, sand and beach morphology, the use of technology for lifesaving and other critical science fields such as micro-climate change.
We look forward to opportunities to work together to build a foundation of knowledge for our young students, to progress coastal science and processes, and ultimately to introduce new technologies and methodologies  for the study of coastlines to the public sector. 

Publications and Papers

Assessment of post-storm recovery of beaches using video imaging techniques: A case study at Gold Coast, Australia. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.

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Kristen D. Splinter, Darrell R. Strauss, and Rodger B. Tomlinson., 2011

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Christopher Lane, Yaniv Gal, Matthew Browne, Andrew Short, Darrell R. Strauss, Rodger B. Tomlinson, Kathryn Jackson, Clarence Tan, and Michael Blumenstein

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Matthew Browne, Darrell Strauss, Rodger Tomlinson, and Michael Blumenstein.

The detection and quantification of persons in cluttered beach scenes using neural network-based classification.

Steve Green, Michael Blumenstein, Matthew Browne and Rodger Tomlinson School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, QLD 9726, Australia.