The Coastalcoms Platform Advantage

Coastalcoms is the leading provider of technology solutions for the waterways and coastal management industry of Australia. Enabling business, government and organisations the ability to efficiently collect, understand and generate insights into complex problems surrounding those environments.

Data Integration

Integrate the sensors & data you need. Real time visualisation & reporting. We provide a framework for sourcing information and matching it to video, image processing or video content analytic outputs, external linked sensors (in-situ), or correlated data feeds from weather or other information service providers.

Shoreline Position Analysis & Tracking

Our video-derived shoreline measurement solutions are unique world-wide for working on almost any beach using single, standard IP surveillance cameras.  We calibrate and operate the cameras, source and Q/A the video, and then process the mountains of data multiple transects can produce into automated reports and imagery used in measuring coastal change to your specifications.  With support for hundreds of existing camera models, and utility pricing models that only charges for what you use — we can offer solutions for almost any budget.

Surf & Wave Analytics

Report in near-real-time on surf condition metrics like “wave face height” and surf zone wave period, drilling down to what older forecasting and reporting systems like surf models can’t tell you. Access surf zone wave information directly from IP surveillance camera video via the Coastalcoms platform.

Video Water Level Monitoring

Coastalcoms supports the ability to automatically detect water level from standard surveillance video, giving watershed managers the ability to measure water levels and visually confirm in-situ sensor readings in support of emergency workflows and catchment management.

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